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We have been providing new home building and new home construction services in the Athens, GA area for more than 20 years. Our Founder, Ross Kesterson grew up around home construction and remodeling. His mother owned an interior painting business and his father was a builder. When he was 21, Ross was working as a licensed electrician and was already building homes in the Athens, Oconee, and Jackson County areas.

It was while he was building homes that restoring damaged property become a part of his business. When the housing market shifted in 2008, Ross shifted his business, too. He went from home construction to repairing homes damaged by water and fire.

Custom Home Building

While Restore Pros continues to focus on water damage restoration, cleaning, and repairing fire damage, Ross is also a custom home builder. Whether you are interested in upgrades, remodeling, or finishing a basement, we have the experience and know how to do it right.  

Restore Pros is one of the few companies in the Athens, Ga area that has experienced carpenters, cabinet builders, electricians, painters, and drywallers on staff. While we may subcontract some things out, we have the man power to perform every task in house. 

Kitchen and bath remodeling are among the most popular trends going on an we are great at it. We can help you with plan design, material selections, colors, lighting, floor finishes and so much more. So if you are tired of looking at that outdated bathroom or kitchen and want to bring new life into your home, give us a call!

Cost of New Home Construction

Restore Pros Founder, Ross Kesterson, was asked what concerns do people have regarding the cost of new construction projects.

 “So most homeowners don’t know where to start and they get overwhelmed. But when they get in touch with us, we can help them with the planning, the design, and we can even help them get financing,” Ross said.  

Ross said, too, that the economic downturn of 2008 and the slow recovery have kept contractors from building new homes, and with a lack of housing many people are finding it is more economically feasible to remodel their home rather than buy new. “Whatever it may be, we can put them in what they’re looking for,” Ross said.  

New Home Building & New Home Construction

When it comes to both new home building and remodeling, the cost is almost completely the decision of the property owner.  Restore Pros will work closely with the home or business owner to ensure that they know every step of the way they are able to make informed material, service, and labor selections. 

Restoration Company Reviews for New Home Construction

We are so pleased with the work they did!

Meghan Riggs

Highly recommend!

Janis Ellis

FAQs related to New Home Construction

Can my carpet be saved after a flood or water damage?

Wet carpet can harbor bacteria depending on the type of water it was flooded with, and the amount of time it has been wet.. It can also begin to delaminate, which can prevent it from being re-installed. In all cases the wet pad needs to be removed and replaced. On occasion the carpet can be dried with-out replacing, but it needs to have a new pad underneath.  Always make sure the carpet is completely dry before relaying it on the pad. In most cases, the carpet should be fully replaced, too.

Does Restore Pros repair storm damage or tree damage?

Yes. We provide board up services, emergency tree removal, and rebuilding services. Our rebuilding services include shingle and gutter replacement. We make things simple by providing all the services you need. No need in hiring multiple contractors and dealing with the insurer alone. 

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